El Puro Cuban Restaurant is a labor of love, owned and operated by a Cuban family who have poured their hearts into creating a truly remarkable dining experience. Nestled in South Charlotte, our fine dining establishment brings the glamour and elegance of pre-revolutionary Havana, Cuba to life. It serves as a nostalgic tribute to the Cuba that could have been, had Castro not taken over.

While honoring its traditional roots, El Puro also adds a unique twist to Cuban cuisine, offering a one-of-a-kind culinary experience: A MODERN TAKE ON TRADITIONAL CUBAN CUISINE.

But our story is more than just food and flavors. It’s a love story about family, sacrifice, and dedication. Through El Puro, we have transformed the pain of losing a loved one into a source of inspiration that drives us to create something extraordinary.

El Puro Cuban Restaurant represents the culmination of hard work, persistence, and unwavering commitment. It showcases the strength of a family and the power of love. In Cuban culture, the patriarch of the family is affectionately referred to as “Puro” It is our way of paying tribute to our old man and guardian angel, who resides in another dimension. Additionally, “Puro” is also the word used to describe a Cuban cigar, symbolizing the rich heritage of Cuba as the land of rum, rumba, and tobacco.

Our logo, resembling a Cuban cigar ring, captures the essence of El Puro Cuban Restaurant, with the face symbolizing the “Puro” of our family. As you step into our space, you will be enveloped by the love and passion we have infused into every aspect of our restaurant. From the delectable flavors of our food to the vibrant music and the inviting ambiance, you will experience the warmth and care that define us. Just as the renowned Cuban artist Benny Moré once said, “Te quedarás porque te doy cariño” – you will stay because we shower you with love.

At El Puro Cuban Restaurant, we invite you to join us on a journey of love, culture, and culinary delight. We look forward to creating unforgettable memories together.