El Puro Cuban Restaurant is owned and operated by a Cuban family, who have poured their hearts into it. It is a fine dining restaurant that brings to South Charlotte the glamour and elegance of pre-revolutionary Havana, Cuba. It brings to life the nostalgic memory of many Cubans who reminisce of what Cuba could have been if Castro had not taken over. While still staying true to its traditional roots, El Puro brings a unique twist on Cuban Cuisine.

It is a love story about family, sacrifice, and dedication. El Puro Cuban Restaurant is an example of how one can transform the pain of losing someone you love into something that keeps you going, inspiring others. El Puro Cuban Restaurant is the result of so much work, persistence, and constancy.  It represents the strengths of a family, and it shows how much love can accomplish.

Every culture has an affectionate name for the Patriarch of the family. Dad, pa, old man. And to Cuban culture is PURO. El Puro Cuban Restaurant is our tribute to our old man and guardian angel, who is in another dimension. Furthermore, Cuba is well-known as the land of rum, rumba, and Tobacco. To Cubans, Puro is also the word used when referring to Cuban Cigar. Fusing these factors, we came up with the logo; El Puro Cuban Restaurant resembles a Cuban Cigar Ring, and the face present is the ‘Puro’ of our family. 

As you immerse yourself in the space we created, we assure you that you will feel the love in every part of our restaurant. You will taste the love in the food, hear it in the music, and feel it in the ambiance. Like a famous Puro of Cuban Culture, Benny Moré, said: “Te quedarás porque te doy cariño”  – you will stay because we give you love.